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August 2015

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Winter in the wall

My first comic! I hope you enjoy it!
Title: Winter in the wall -- small comic --           
Episode: "The Snowman"
Notes: The story is silly
.. forgive me!!!
Extra: Romantic bonus -- test 2, pencil sketch in "real" style (sort of..) --
Many, many and manyyyyy thanks to Vivihanna who helped me with the grammar and not only. <3 <3 <3
      Any errors of punctuation or transcription are only mine!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Final Note

Romantic bonus ..Like the other times, do not expect a resemblance.. Siiigh!


Oh my goodness! That's AWESOME! It gives me the hugest grin. I loved especially the "romantic bonus" - the hair is lovely. It looks so silky and simple. The lines are all so clean! I was just talking yesterday to my mother about my own art. I had started drawing initially thinking that once I got good at it, I'd be faster, but as I spent more and more time at it (and I did get better!), I came to realize how much time it took to create something good like this. I put aside my drawing, but it gave me immense respect for those who have put in the hours and perhaps years to get good at it.

I like Peter isn't hung up on the things and Sylar is, and how sweet Sylar was to find Peter's scarf and bring it out to him!
Your review is amazing!!! Thank you very much, you made my day!!
I'm very glad I made you smile, I hoped that! :D
Drawing little in recent years but I used do it a lot once (when I studied for example) and you're right, as you slow down you lose the hand!
Too bad that you put aside the design, why?
Thanks again for the beautiful words (and respect), you really are too sweet! * hugs *
I put the design aside because it became clear that I could either get a degree in what I had gone to college for (engineering) or one in art. It took up so much time!
That. Was. Awesome! Ahahaha! So cute and so well done. I loved it! Absolutely loved it!

And that romantic bonus was totally yum. Really beautiful. You seriously captured some intense emotion with that sketch. I am envious of your talent.

Please keep doing these!
* blushes * Do you really think I've captured the emotions?
Oh, this is very important, thank you so much! I am very happy about this!! :D
I will definitely continue to draw! I'm just a bit slow ...

P.S. ..and I envy your!! XD
As soon as I figure out how to package the entire internet for shipping, its yours, because this pretty much wins it all.
Really think so? :D
A thousand thanks!!! *twirls*
Its so cute!! The comics are amazing and the romantic bonus? Beautiful! Just wow! So this is the one you were working on huh? Gotta say the result is amazing, hard work pays my dear.

I'm in love with your style, more please?! ::puppy eyes::
Hello Dear!
Yes, this is the result of my efforts, I'm really glad you like it!!!
I certainly can't resist to a couple of ::puppy eyes:: you know!?!
What do you say about "Summer in the wall"? hehe ^_^
(If I start to program it by now, maybe I can finish before Christmas!) *sigh*
In the meantime, though, I might be able to do others "romantic bonus".. I think about it ..
Oooh! 'Summer in the wall' sounds perfect!! And you're working on other 'romantic bonus'? That's great! I love your art, and so does everyone else, its sweet and cute and fun. I would love to see anything you come up with, just.... keep it up!
Hehe, you're sweetest! Thank you! <3
Oh My Goodness...

That was the sweetest, coolest, fluffiest thing.

A Petlar Comic? You rule! How lucky are we as a community that we have such great artists?

I think my favorite part is Page 1 "Here's your scarf! [slips it over Peter's head]" and the glaring - that was awesome!

I laughed through the entire thing and ate up your amazing drawings. That last sketch is just...breathtaking, truly, wow.

Don't ever quit with these! I love them so, so much!
Oh, you're always so lovely and kind, you brighted my day!!! <3
I'm so glad I made ​​you laugh!! :D
And If you love them so much then I run immediately to draw!!! XD

P.S. Then you had the time to finish the petlar design which you spoke to me last time? I would love to see it, if you decide to post it!
That was one of the most adorable things I've seen in ages! Your art style is wonderful :)
1000 and 1000 thanks! To have watched and reviewed so nice! *happy bounces*
You are amazing. I love this from start to finish. You are a great artist.
-Great artist- is definitely more than what I deserve! Thank you infinitely!!! *melts* <3
I can literally gush about this for like, two weeks, but I'll keep it short.
The comic is so adorable and sweet, you captured so much in only a few pages, and I love your attention to details. The way you characterize the both of them in your style is perfect.
The romantic bonus is beautiful! I think it looks exactly like Zach and Milo, but it's stylized, and it works. It's lovely, great lines and great feeling. It's all so wonderful and it's great to see people adding new fan art to the pairing! <3
You are all so nice to me!
Seriously do you think I managed to get a likeness to the originals? *Cheers*
I made ​​several sketches before doing something acceptable, just that by dint of working on it I was no longer convinced!
Thank you for the wonderful review with such sweet words, and so letting me know that you like! <3
Nice to see the finished version. This is so cute and amazing! Awesome job! And I was very honored to be able to help out. This is professional, seriously. :D
*Big smile*
You know it's also thanks to you! ;)
You have been so kind and patient <3
*kisses and hugs*
Oh, thank you very much for this wonderful review! <3
Yes, Peter was a bit worried (eheh!) and Sylar does not want to admit to being so sweet! ^_^
But .. wait .. you have a Christmas fic yet unwritten?? Why you tell me this? Now I'm curious! Now you must write it urgently!! Again *glittering puppy eyes*
(ehehe! I'm so evil sometimes ..)
Hehe, I understand you perfectly! I'm very slow to draw and unfortunately also to read (damn my English!). And so, too, I have several unfinished stray things!
I can't wait to read your stories and if I have to wait (it's clear that you are a meticulous writer) it is worth it! :D
Thanks for your friendship, you are very cute! <3
In the meantime I've certain chapters yours, to read, if I remember correctly...
Sorry but the 21st my pc has got a virus! damned Maya..
I managed to solve only this morning! I can't wait to read the new chapter! :D

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