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August 2015

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A kiss .. almost!!

Title: A kiss .. almost!!  -- test (pencil sketch) in manga style --
Notes: In the end I decided to publish this on the occasion of the Advent Calendar. Had it not been for this good initiative probably wouldn't have ever done ... I have already said that I'm shy?? This is my first drawing explicit!
I really hope you like it... at least a little. ^_^

A/N: Inspired by the beautiful "Wall Verse Story Assortment/Wall Verse Short: The Feel of Your Lips" of game_byrd!!!


Anime Sylar and Peter! So awesome! Really great job! :D
Oh dear, thank you so much!! ;D
Really nice! :)
I'm glad you like it! Many thanks!! :)
Wow, Sylar's eyes are amazing. Love the detail on the neck muscles. Great job!
I'm really glad you like it! thanks a lot! ^^
I like how easy it is to know who is who, just with the hair and the eyebrows. lol Nicely done :D
eheh! I'm lucky that their have so different hair and eyebrows! It's easier with the manga style!! I'm glad you like it! ;D
This is great!! I love all the details in your drawing. The hair, eyes, wow!
Thank you so much! You're very cute!! *kiss*
And you're so so sweet! ^_^ *hugs*
That's wonderful! I love it! The eye contact is really intense, the more I've looked at it. I like that tantalizing inch between their lips.

I'm so pleased that you are inspired by things I've written. That makes me so happy! :D
Thank you, thank you very much! <3 <3
I'm so glad you love it, this is very important, really!
When I take inspiration from a work is because i've been impressed by this, so for me it's beautiful have a sort of positive confirmation from the author! (Well, I think be so for all..)
It's not difficult to be inspired by your stories are so intense!! Thanks again! :D
Yes! Manga Sylar/Peter!
I loooove the hair, their cute little (or big) eyebrows, difference in jaws and lips and totally the eyes...yum.
I think this works because its very streamlined. Also interesting how Peter's hair has...less texture (making him lighter), it makes me think he's blonde every now and again, but I know its Peter.
You call this a test? It looks gallery worthy from here! Not a stroke out of place. Heck, I might color it someday if you don't and don't mind.
Overall: wow, yay, yum!
first - You are too kind! I love you!!!! XD
second - I understand correctly? You want to color it? Really?? I'm very happy about that!! But then you have to show me okay? please!! ^_^
I'm not very good at coloring ..
Let me know if want me to send it to you with a better resolution!
Thanks for your wonderful words!! <3 <3
Yes, I'd like to color it!
I don't do much drawing myself anymore (although I have started a Sylar/Peter drawing) but I do love to color other people's art - with permission, correct labeling and sharing on each journal if the artist chooses, etc. Its super easy and fun with Illustrator.

I will let you know!

You're very welcome, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful =D
1000 Thanks!!! ^_^