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August 2015

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Trick or Treat??

(here to view)

This design didn't come as I thought/hoped (there are some mistakes ..), but it was too late to correct it or remake it .. I hope you enjoy the same.
In my country there are conflicting translations on the phrase "trick or treat" (between google translator and the dictionary, for example). Being a way to say I went a little confused...
Peter must obviously be on the side of the sweet ... tell me if I did it right ! Thanks!! ^_^

In case I had wrong ..click here for 'mirror'
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Ooo! That's lovely! I love it! And I like this version better than the mirror. Sylar should be the one being tricksy, while Peter is a pure treat. Yum!
Yes, that's the idea! It means that I did it right! (I could avoid "mirror")
You can trust only of the dictionary! hehe
Thank you so much for watching and reviewing! :D
OMG so cute! You are amazing! :D

You got it the right way around. I noticed the cat and mouse are totally ignoring each other to stare at Sylar and Peter, hehe. <3 <3 <3
Sure! what else they should stare? XD
I'm so glad you like it!! <3 <3 <3
Really thanks for the nice words! * Hug *
This is so cute, omg.
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! ^_^
OMG! The cuteness!
I love your art. Why don't you draw more? You should draw more.

*Going back to staring*
Oh! I'm trying but usually I have little time, depending on family and work, I am a freelancer and so sometimes I have a quiet day and sometimes very demanding periods. I will apply myself more! ;)
I am very happy you like it, thanks a lot for the encouragement! : D
Adorable. ^^
Thank you very much! :D
Again, I want them! I don't know who's hair I want to ruffle first! You have their clothes down to the shoes.
I love their winking and your cross-hatching detail (I'm a sucker for that). The pumpkin itself is pretty ingenious - it looks like a skull and a pumpkin at once.
What program do you use (if any)?
Thank you for sharing, its definitely a treat ;)
Hehehe, and again i really think you can take them! ;D
In effect the pumpkin looks like a bit a skull, I hadn't noticed .. O_O is a case! hehe
You are a skilled observer!!
So .. I do a pencil sketch, ink (nib), i scan and finish to PC (written and fills) with a program called "paint" (basic). You know it? is a little passed but easy.
Thanks very much for your lovely words, they make me so happy!!!! <3 <3